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Welcome to SiteXPro™, your source for complete, accurate and reliable property data and analytics solutions

With the most comprehensive U.S. property database – covering 99.9% of U.S. households – and advanced, industry-leading analytics, Black Knight Data & Analytics delivers a variety of solutions to help improve strategic and tactical performance; identify, reduce and mitigate risk; satisfy regulatory requirements; leverage cost savings; and create opportunities for growth and increased profitability.

SiteXPro provides instant access to complete property and mortgage intelligence. Whether you’re searching for information on an individual property or looking for a more expansive view, SiteXPro’s flexible search options allow you to quickly access the data you need.

SiteXPro solutions include:
  • AVMs (Automated Valuation Models)
  • Comparables
  • County record documents - Real estate transfers, voluntary liens, involuntary liens
  • Property data – property characteristics and tax
  • Parcel maps
  • Portfolio management


Current, accurate, reliable and comprehensive information is critical for making informed decisions. Black Knight Data & Analytics delivers the most advanced and complete solutions to help lenders, servicers, investors and other mortgage-market professionals improve performance, identify and reduce risk, satisfy regulatory requirements, reduce costs and increase profitability.

Real Estate

Black Knight Data & Analytics’ solutions provide real estate professionals with the most convenient, accurate and reliable market intelligence. As an industry leader with advanced analytics and the largest U.S. property database, we have the ability to deliver the market insight you need to help grow your business.

Capital Markets

Black Knight Data & Analytics delivers a comprehensive suite of products and services to help buyers, sellers and investors of mortgage securities identify the best opportunities to make better, more informed decisions. We combine decades of experience with our industry-leading predictive models, proven valuation solutions and comprehensive data for the most accurate view of mortgage performance in terms of both value and risk.


For government agencies that require accurate, reliable and comprehensive information to optimize efficiencies and help with critical decisions, Black Knight Data & Analytics has the most advanced and complete data and analytics solutions to meet a variety of government, regulatory and supervisory needs.

Direct Marketing

Create highly targeted prospect lists or enhance customer data by leveraging the largest U.S. property database and the most advanced analytics solutions. Black Knight Data & Analytics can help you minimize the expense of costly marketing campaigns by reaching the right prospects – right from the start – and help identify new opportunities with existing customers.


Powered by the largest U.S. property database, insurance professionals rely on Black Knight Data & Analytics’ solutions to help mitigate risk, increase efficiencies, manage fraud and generate new opportunities.

Property Reports

Whether you need to verify property ownership, identify at-risk loans or obtain listing information, our property reports provide easy and affordable access to the critical information you need. Drawing from the most comprehensive U.S. property database, our reports provide a single nationwide source for accessing residential and commercial property information.


Collateral valuation continues to be a complex, ever-evolving challenge as economic factors and local market conditions impact real estate values across the nation. Selecting the right valuation strategy is critical to effectively manage risk and grow profits. We combine our industry-leading data, proprietary information, proven methodologies and advanced user and performance testing to deliver a variety of valuation solutions with exceptionally reliable results.


To keep up with the ever-changing real estate market, you need fast, accurate and cost-effective tools to generate reliable lists of comparable sales. Customize your searches and control which comparables are selected with our powerful easy-to-use, online solution. Get property profiles and complete sales histories in a single, affordable solution that leverages our industry-leading property data.


Targeting the right prospects at the right time is critical to your success. That’s why we offer a variety of advanced automated and custom solutions to help you find qualified lists and identify new opportunities with existing customers.

Portfolio Management

Lenders, investors, servicers, default managers and other mortgage-market participants rely on our portfolio management and due diligence solutions to deliver sophisticated, critical loan portfolio information to help manage risk and improve decision-making.

Custom Data Services

Leverage Black Knight’s industry-leading U.S. property database to develop custom lists to support customer acquisition and retention efforts, identify cross-selling opportunities, enhance data, monitor portfolio performance and proactively manage risk. Our dedicated team of data experts will work closely with you to create a custom solution to meet your unique business needs.